There are several choices to be made when considering having your automobile tinted. We offer several film lines and levels of light transmittance to provide solutions for your unique situation.

Llumar ATR window film is a metalized film that provides excellent solar energy rejection up to 63% and visible light transmittance from 5%-50%

Llumar Axcess Signal Enabling window film continues to provide all of the UV and heat rejection associated with traditional window films without causing signal interruption with cell phones, GPS, keyless entry or satellite radios. Rejects up to 55% of solar energy and available light transmittance from 5%-50%.


No matter the problem you are facing, Classic Window Tinting-Atlanta has the solution. Your office space should be as safe, comfortable and inviting as possible. Annoying glare, excessive heat around windows and doors or harmful UV rays are just a few of the common issues faced by today's open floor plans . Our products address all of these issues and many others by providing appearance, comfort, protection and improving energy efficiency.

There are countless applications for solar control window films, below you will find a brief description of some of the solutions we offer.

  • Traditional window film offers reduced light transmission, heat reduction, blocks harmful UV rays, lowers energy cost and helps prevent flying glass in case of breakage.
  • Decorative films allow endless custom possibilities that can be used to increase privacy, incorporate your logo in an entry way, promote company values or brands in the work environment, add the look of expensive etched glass at a fraction of the cost. With all of the colors and finishes available we can help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. Offering stripes, dots, squares and custom cut designs make this film line a favorite of architects, interior designers, custom home builders and landscape designers.
  • Safety and Security film will provide an extra layer of security from the ever increasing risk of smash and grab robberies and preventing flying glass during a natural or man-made disaster. Security film is available up to 15 mil thick, Almost as thick as the credit card in your wallet. Clear or tinted security films available to match any décor or architectural style.
  • Graffiti film is becoming a much more popular choice as more uses are being discovered. Shopping malls, municipalities, glass contractors and anyone who has a public restroom are potential clients for graffiti film. This specialty film is designed to protect any clean smooth surface that may become a target of gang related taggers or subject to flying debris. Graffiti film can easily be removed, taking the damage with it, and then replaced to renew the finish. Contractors have found this material invaluable to protect glass in homes and buildings during transportation, construction or remodeling.


Most people agree that a home is our most valuable asset. Then why not protect it and your family by blocking harmful UV rays from fading your belongings, reducing heat gain, lowering energy cost and adding a more pleasing visual appearance to your home, apartment or condo. There are many color options and specialty finishes to fit any décor or taste.

We offer many choices when it comes to color or appearance. Traditional film choices for heat rejection, specialty colors include etched look, privacy film, dots, stripes, squares or even custom cut designs to fit any design.